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Benefits of Mineral Make up

By Spec Brite Editorial Board

Many people opt to choose natural beauty products, as consumers get more benefits using mineral make up over traditional makeups. 
Here are the top 3 list why you should use mineral make up: 

1. Mineral Foundation helps provide sun protection and better coverage

The use of mineral foundation combined with your daily sunscreen helps defend your skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Traditional cosmetics often contain talc, a bulking agent that leads to a formula that is heavier and less pigmented. With a poorly pigmented foundation, you’ll need to layer more product to get your desired look and coverage. 
2. Looks great on camera! 

Yes! Because mineral make up give full coverage, models doesn’t look like they are wearing makeup. Traditional foundation commonly settles into fine lines and wrinkles, which can cause creasing. Now you don’t want to look older right? 
3. Suitable for all skin types

Oily, dry, combination, mineral makeup works well for every skin type. However, your skin type will determine the manner in which you apply your foundation. It is essential for all skin types to moisturize every morning before applying makeup so the minerals have a hydrated surface to lie on. 
Even for acne prone skin, the mineral make up is free of skin-irritating ingredients like talc and chemical dyes which is harmful to those that suffer from rosacea. Mineral makeup also won’t clog your pores causing further breakouts.