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LipoZero: 5 technologies in 1 machine!

By Spec Brite Editorial Board

Lipo Zero: the 5 in 1 machine!

Many reports released by international research companies that the spa and beauty sector will increase beginning 2015. However, the economy of the GCC market is rampantly decreasing due to political issues among countries and economic survival.

As a result, big players delayed their developmental projects, the number of unemployed employees is increasing. Businesses, if not merging, retrenches or closing down. That’s the reason many small – medium scale companies strive to this economic challenges by cost cutting, getting rid of unwanted expenses and making wise decisions on further investments if necessary.

In the beauty and spa industry, competition is high as many players are doing many promotions and lowering the prices of services in order to get income. More are introducing new treatments and services for a lower price, to capture a bigger market share.


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Owners are always on the look of the trends in the beauty market and the latest technology of machines they can use to provide their clients. However, many of them are held up due to investment challenges. Machines usually promote one technology that offers specific treatments. And consumables for maintaining the machine will be a big consideration for owners.

That is why, Spec Brite Group has added a new machine in its portfolio that can cater to these businesses. A beauty machine that can do many solutions specifically for body treatments.

Introducing the LipoZero, the solution for total body-line management. This is perfect for new spa or clinic, which are looking for a wise investment with great return.


The LipoZero uses 5 technologies such as Radio Frequency, Vacuum, Cavitation, Low Level Laser and LED. All in one machine!

The combination of different technologies improves fat reduction by reducing the fat and cellulite at the same time, leading to improvement of overall healthier body. This machine solves out the body care and anti-aging at the same time.

The Low Level Laser and LED perfectly works as an added factor for visible results to achieve skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and anti-aging. Not only the fat is the focus of this machine, but also the skin itself and promoting a healthier look.

These means, owners can provide more treatments and set different pricing strategies according to the treatment parts, and according to the technologies that will be used in a client.

Through this machine, the owners can be flexible in offering price depending on client’s conditions, needs and wants. Not only owners can compete with other players who are offering lower treatment price, but will also have the confidence to provide quality results.

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