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Ulstam - Body Stamping HIFU


Ulstam is the first stamping type of the body HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) as well as a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that can deliver high density energy accurately and quickly to targeted fat with 4 transducer.

Ulstam enable to deliver focused ultrasound to each selected depth by stamping type handle. (7.0mm, 13mm)

Ulstam body is focused on targeted fat only by accurate depth and skin surface is not harmed  during treatment


  • Stamping type HIFU equipped with 4 transducers 
  • Non-surgical body treatment
  • 13mm cartridge for Abdomen & 7.0mm cartridge for forearm, thigh, 
  • Stamp & Auto Mode 

          - Stamp mode: 16 shots with one trigger

            (4 transducers x 4 shots individually)

          ​Auto mode: Continious shot




  • Body Slimming & contouring
  • Targeted fat reduction
  • Reshape body line (forearm, thigh, hip)
  • Combination treatment with suction device for lymph drainage