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Cymedics - All in One


Cymedics All in One: this multi-functional space marvel meets virtually all the needs of a holistic aesthetic treatment and enables you to use synergy effects to achieve the best results in just one treatment room. Take advantage of maximum high-yielding flexibility and minimal expensive space. Treat your customers to the luxury of staying on one relaxing couch in one treatment room with different synergy treatments.

Avoid the unproductive times that occur when you and your therapists switch between different devices.

cymedics all in one offers five different treatment methods in an area of less than one square metre:

biocybernetics, ultrasound, radio frequency, low-level laser and – last but not least – an ultrasound

measurement of the thickness of fatty tissue for results monitoring. Believe it or not, cymedics all in one fully combines four cymedics devices at the same time:

cymedics light,

cymedics premium,

cymedics avita+,

cymedics DSD (monitoring of the results)


  • One system for multiple treatments:
  • Breast lifting
  • Skin tightening
  • Fat reduction
  • Anti aging treatments
  • Individual combinations for every problem zone
  • All methods possible, even in small cabins
  • Excellent long-term results
  • Color touchscreen
  • Intuitive user menues
  • Easy handling - automatic settings

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