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Lipo-X Cool - CRYO with ULTRA SONIC


Micro bubbles are formed and grow in liquid under the oscillatory influence of rarefaction (negative pressure) and compression (postive pressure) zones with in ultrasonic waves radiating from LIPO-X-COOLMicro bubbles grow to a size that cannot be sustained any longer and implode as releasing a shock wave. The size of micro bubbles is bigger, the bigger influences the shock wave gives. Such shock waves disintegrate adipose tissue and these fat cells turn into a liquid substance which would be removed through lymphatic vessels and urine.



  • Optimal auto-programmed cavitation system. (Pulse - intensity)
  • Powerful cavitation with Cryo Treatment for better slimming effect
  • Large sized probe
  • Non-invasive and extemely safe
  • Possible to use Cavitation, Cooling function seperately 
  • Smooth treatment feeling with Cryo
  • Cooling / Hot Mode available seperately for Post case of laser or Pain relief
  • Great combination effects with sunction machine
  • Easy to operate with full touch screen 


  • Body Contouring
  • Cellulite Removal
  • Body Toning
  • Localized fat removal
  • Only cooling functional available for post care after laser treatment