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Acne Treatment

Acne treatment depends on the severity of the acne. Choosing the right device for the acne treatment can be a difficult task and we here make it easy for you with our best quality equipment.


We provide latest technologies in biocybernetics and IPL “Intense Pulsed Light” with optimal adjustability to most skin for a convenient and efficient acne treatment procedure.


We have the best quality devices with the latest biocybernetic technology which aims to restore the energy related equilibrium in the areas being treated. This method of acne treatment is gentle and completely pain free. The probe heads are manufactured from High grade stainless steel to meet the highest allergological & antibacterial demands.


As for IPL “ Intense Pulsed Light” for acne treatment, we also provide 3 options – portable model, one tower model & two tower model in which you have the possibility for other treatments such as couperose, spider veins, etc.