If you’re looking for a long lasting solution to cellulite, we offer you with some of the optimal devices with the most advanced techologies.


Cellulite treatment with Radiofrequency to target the fatty tissue, for Skin tightening, and regenaration of connective tissues. 


HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a new type of non surgical, non invasive treatment for cellulite. It provides targeted heat generation reaching up to depths of 7mm and 13mm for the body and treating cellulite without affecting the skin surface. This provides a more precise and safe treatment.


Pressotherapy treats  cellulite through effective pressure, lymphatic drainage & toxin clearing functions. We provide 2 channel devices with 6 chambers & 12 chambers and offers customized protocols with numerous compression modes, pressure and time functions.


Biocybernetic technology combined with radiofrequency is the best device for cellulite treatment. It also features multiple treatments like breast lift, skin tightening & wrinkle reduction apart from the cellulite treatment. The probes are made of stainless steel and features easy handling with automatic settings and color touch screen.


A combination of Radio frequency and presso therapy is also another way for melting and dissolution of cellutite...