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Face and Body Lifting

We offer you a range of non surgical devices that require no downtime for face & body lifting and provides you a satisfying Cosmetic and Aesthetic improvement.


Micro-needling for face & body lifting applies tiny Micro - Punctures on your skin & stimulate the tissues to trigger and immediate natural regeneration of the skin. A microneedling device perforates the skin surface with ultra fine needles without damaging it. The device provides you with instant and long term effects. It is more precise, effective and gentle for Face Lifting compared to other products in the market. Micro-needling is considered the secret weapon for Face Lifting, among anti-aging methods used to treat visible skin problems. It activates the benefits of the skin's natural protective mechanisms with the micro-needling method.


Using light for face & Body Lifting is completely pain free, non invasive and very well tolerated. It used the interaction of pure hyaluron and pioneering low level laser technology. Light of different empirically verified wavelengths enable biostimulation in a non-invasive & extremely gentle manner, achieving max effectiveness.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a new type of non surgical, non invasive treatment for face & body lifting. It provides targeted heat generation reaching upto depths of 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm for the face, 7mm and 13mm for the body and treating without affecting the skin surface. This provides a more precise and safe treatment.


CICU, Fractional laser devices have stable power & steady beam quality which reaches the dermis layer for an effective face lifting and skin tightening. It saves time with fast scanning & provides more precise treatment with 0.1mm setting.


Reviderm controlled microdermabrasion features, makes face lifting treatments more effective and easier. It provides different levels of vacuum adjustment and a tube in tube system. It is completely painless and very effective. Don't be put off by the medical term – microdermabrasion actually refers to an efficient, intensive peeling treatment using microcrystals. 


ICE-Wrap Device, Radiofrequency combined with CRYO, provides you an innovative device which maximizes the effect of face lifting using multipolar radiofrequency treatment combine with Cryo - cooling method. This method combines RF energy with cooling thus creating an igloo effect wherin the skin stays cool while the heat goes under to the subcutaneous tissue providing optimal results. The device has large & small handles for the body which can be selectively used according to the size and a face handle.


The all new biocybernetic technology combined with ultrasound, radiofrequency & laser is the best device for face & body lifting. The probes are made of stainless steel and features easy handling with automatic settings & color touch screen.