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Improvement of Blood & Lymph Circulation

Localized Improvement of blood & lymph circulation is essential in Aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, and can be achieved by some of the most effective devices shown below.


We provide the best in market devices with the new biocybernetic technology for improvement of blood & lymph circulation. Inflammatory processes of chronic or acute origin, torn muscle fibres and strains, rheumatic / arthritic discomfort, sports-induced injuries, headaches or migraine, as well as many other lesions – probably everybody knows of these from their everyday life and may have experienced them or similar pain. Cymedics Acute improves blood & lymph circulation & provides quick relief via fully automated treatment programs, using bio-equivalent stimulation.


Pressotherapy helps in the improvement of blood & lymph circulation through effective lymphatic drainage & toxin clearing functions. We provide 2 channel devices with 6 chambers & 12 chambers and offers customized protocols with numerous compression modes, pressure and time functions.


By applying pressure in specific programmed or selective patterns that target lymph nodes and blood vessels, Pressotherapy directly target the circulatory system for the improvement of blood & lymph circulation. The technique includes providing pressure and moving over the body in wave-like patterns to release blockages in the network of lymph nodes and vessels. This results in the improvement of blood & lymph circulation.