Devices with the ability for real time monitoring and adjustment open a new era in rehabilitation where the recovery process can be dramatically improved. We provide you with a comprehensive selection of rehabilitation equipment to reach your as your patient’s personal wellness goals.


The new biocybernetic technology for rehabilitation features pain therapy – the treatment of  systemic and chronic illnesses with physical and / or psychiatric causes using the BESRAC Technology, as well as the therapy of both acute and chronic inflammatory processes using bio-equivalent stimulation. This rehabilitation device features needle free acupuncture and easy handling for the users with automatic settings and user guidance methods for an easy operation.


We provide you an innovative rehabilitation device which uses radiofrequency for the treatment of improving blood circulation and heating through cryo wrapping which protects heating. This method combines RF energy with cooling thus creating an igloo effect wherin the skin stays cool while the heat goes under to the subcutaneous tissue providing optimal results. The device has large & small handles for the body which can be selectively used according to the size and a face handle.


Pressotherapy devices helps in rehabilitation treatments through effective lymphatic drainage & toxin clearing functions. We provide 2 channel devices with 6 chambers & 12 chambers and offers customized protocols with numerous compression modes, pressure and time functions.