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Stable Cavitation - Ultrasound

Our devices which are based on Stable Cavitation - Ultrasound target particularly obstinate fat deposits and diet-resistant fat stores which cannot be reduced by sport or diet. In this way, fat deposits can be selectively treated with stable cavitation.


cellJET is used to regulate skin processes and encourage the synthesis of collagen and elastin.  It is the perfect preparation for the use of subsequent care products. It stimulates the tissue, allowing the high-quality active ingredients to penetrate deeply, spreading into and enriching all layers of the skin without losing effectiveness.


We provide the latest technology in Stable Cavitation - Ultrasound to melt away excess fat using radiofrequencies / ultrasonic waves. It works by disintegrating fat and removing it through the body’s lymphatic system.


The very new biocybernetic technology used alone or in combination with Stable Cavitation - Ultrasound, radiofrequency & laser provides the best stable cavitation treatment. It aims to restore the energy related equilibrium in the areas of the body being treated. The Stable Cavitation - Ultrasound treatment is gentle & pain free. The easy to use color touch screen & intelligent probes with immediate feedback system are features which provides a better quality of time spend for the treatment.