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Non-invasive Skin plumping & Deep hydration

HYDRA-FILL TREATMENT advanced hydrating, stimulating and skin plumping treatment. The treatment restores moisture levels in the deep skin layers and the skin’s natural protection; it fills the skin erasing wrinkles, signs of fatigue and free radical damage. 


Suitable for: all age groups; people with dry, dehydrated and very sensitive skin; frequent fliers; stress urban dwellers; smoker; brides getting ready for the big day; anyone who needs to look their best.


Client's Love:

  • instant skin glow
  • comfort for dry skin
  • no irritation
  • stable lasting hydration
  • powerful rejuvenating effect
  • light and even complexion


Results: rested and glowing look, visibly smoother skin and more even complexion exuding youthful radiance.