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World’s first effective non-injection mimic wrinkles’ correction

MYO-FIX TREATMENT is a non-injection treatment course for the correction of mimic wrinkles and fine lines. Innovative peptides work in synergy, immobilising the mimic muscles only where it’s necessary — at their points of connection with the skin. High concentration of active ingredients combined with unique skin preparation protocol deliver stable and visible results.


Suitable foryoung people with expressive mimic; 30+ age group; woman and men with mimic wrinkles and first fine line; people with contradictions on bonTA(BTA) injections; pregnant and nursing women; Botox customers in-between the injection courses (as a supporting treatment).


Client's Love:

  • results comparable to post-injection
  • no pain, no risk, no side-effects, no contraindications
  • lasting results
  • normalising and rejuvenating effect


Results: smooth glowing skin and visibly reduced wrinkles