Skin Care System and Cosmeceuticals

Spec Brite Group believes in that healthy skin is the source of long-lasting beauty. We carefully select the type of cosmeceutical lines we provide in the market that will create impact to business clients, proven and tested safe and marketable. 
REVIDERM skin care system has combined innovations of active agent research with results of modern dermatology since 1986 that originated in Germany. The finely composed, exclusive skin care beauty-range from REVIDERM has become the foundation of youth for demanding skin. REVIDERM’s philosophy is to stimulate the regeneration of the skin, as well as keeping it continuously active. 
Meder Beauty Science is a newly added cosmeceutical line in Spec Brite Group beginning 2019. It’s a high end Swiss line Professional Biotech Skincare created by Dr. Tiina Meder. The brand embodies both bold, no-nonsense strictly scientific vision and a firm belief in a natural pain-free beauty.