Blood Pressure Monitor

InBody BPBIO250

Accurate & Convenient Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The BPBIO 250 is automatic and easy-to-use. It features a one-touch cuff, recognized as a patented technology, which makes the measurement easier and more accurate by tightly fitting the patient’s arm. The selectable five measurement modes optimize usage in various environments.

Excellent Visibility with Large Display

On-Touch Cuff

Save Up To 99 Measurements

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Bluetooth Function Support

Five Measurement Modes

InBody BPBIO 250 Highlights

One-touch cuff recognized as a patented technology

The one-touch cuff is easily wearable according to the personal arm circumference and makes the measurement more convenient and accurate.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Full charging takes for approx. 4 hours, and about 500 times of measurements are possible on a full-charge.

Back light LCD

Easy to check results in dark environments such as nightly care.

Five measurement modes makes blood pressure measurement easier and more convenient.

  • Normal– Standard mode. Automatic one-time measurement.
  • Auscult– Manual one-time measurement (Stethoscope use, pressure value display)
  • Cycle– 1 to 6 times of automatic repeat measurement
  • Cycle Range– 1 to 6 times of automatic repeat measurement, and recording measured value if evading from the set blood pressure value
  • Cycle Hide – 1 to 6 times of automatic repeat measurement, and hiding measured value (minimise blood pressure change by eliminating psychological factors