Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

InBody BP170

Clinically Validated Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

With the cuff patented technology, measure blood pressure at home in perfect autonomy.

Large Display

Stores Two Peoples Readings

Mean Blood Pressure

Detects Irregular Pulse Rate

One-Touch Cuff

Detects Early Morning Hypertension

InBody BP170 Highlights

Wide Screen

Big screen with all information at a glance.

Double data storage

Manage family members’ blood pressure with storage function for up to two people.

Stable blood pressure measurement

By expressing average blood pressure on the most recent 3 measurements, blood pressure is more stable.

Easy to use even alone

The key of the BP170 is the one-touch cuff. When placing the cuff at the correct position and pressing it with your palm, the cuff will be automatically equipped.