Spec Brite Group

Couperose Therapy Fluid

Results & Benefits:

  • Light 24-hour care with anti-redness effect thanks to derma membrane system DMS.
  • Ideal for normal to oily skin especially for telangiectasias and to complement medical treatment for rosacea stages 1-3
  • significantly reduces redness and the regeneration of micro-vessels thanks to VEGFstop
  • enlarged veins are less visible, new veins are prevented
  • reduction in inflammatory processes, the skin is soothed and has a more even appearance
  • the soft fluid stops burning, itching, feelings of tightness; skin feels more comfortable on a lasting basis
  • formulated to complement medical treatment



The active ingredient VEGFstop stabilizes the capillaries and inhibits the formation of fine, enlarged veins. At the same time, it reduces inflammation and redness. For a comfortable skin feeling, the light fluid contains a neurocosmetic anti-stress factor, which quickly removes sensations. OPC has an anti-oxidative effect, protects against the attack of free radicals and strengthens the skin’s natural resistance. The effect: redness is reduced, the skin is balanced and feels pleasant.


  • VEGFstop
  • Wild indigo
  • OPC