Spec Brite Group

Gentle pH Balancer

Results & Benefits:

  • Mild, anti-inflammatory tonic with anti-pollution effect.
  • Ideal for normal to dehydrated skin especially with environmentally stressed and inflammation prone skin
  • clear skin, free from harmful substances
  • inhibits inflammation and balances the skin
  • moisturises and increases the absorption capacity of the skin for subsequent care


Moringa tree extract removes pollutants, clarifies particularly gently and effectively. The alcohol-free tonic balances the skin’s pH value and has a preventive effect against inflammation and irritation. A hydro complex keeps the moisture in the skin and improves the absorption capacity for the active ingredients of the subsequent care. The effect: the skin is balanced, clear and well moisturized.


  • Moringa seed extract
  • Liquorice root extract
  • Hyaluronic acid