Spec Brite Group

OPC Cream Forte

Results & Benefits

  • Rich 24-hour skincare with radical protection formula to strengthen the skin.
  • Suitable for sebostasis to xerosis, in particular for skin showing the first signs of aging and fragile capillaries that is in need of regeneration.
  • Maximum protection against radical-induced skin aging.
  • Firmer, smoothed skin structure and less visible vessels.
  • Velvety soft feeling skin and a fine, luxurious scent sensation.


Rich day cream with radical protection formula to strengthen the skin. A synergistic complex of concentrated OPC, vitamins C and E protects and preserves the youthful, radiant appearance of the skin. The radical protection formula increases the collagen formation, strengthens the house structure, reduces wrinkles and evens out the complexion. The effect: The skin and vessels are strengthened, the complexion appears tightened and smoothed.


  • OPC &Pycnogenol®
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E