Spec Brite Group

pH Manager

Results & Benefits
  • pH-adjusting concentrate for a well-balanced complexion.
  • Ideal for all skin types especially on sensitive and reactive skin with damaged skin barrier
  • Problem solver for irritated, unstable skin conditions: quickly ensures a relaxed skin feeling and a soft skin surface
  • Water loss is reduced, promoting the self-care of the skin
  • the skin becomes noticeably more resistant due to the barrier strengthening; irritation due to excessive permeability of the skin disappears
  • smooth, soft skin through biomimetic desquamation regulation


The unique Kerabionic complex normalizes the pH value and balances the skin flora. The serum strengthens the protective barrier and makes it more resistant. Balancing active ingredients smooth and refine the complexion. The effect: the skin becomes increasingly calm and even.


  • Kerabionic©
  • Perfection Peptide-P3