Spec Brite Group

Solar Skin Shield SPF 30

Results & Benefits:

  • High-tech sun care with light and infrared protection (SPF 30).
  • Ideal for all skin types especially for mature skin in need of regeneration
  • The anti-aging sun protection preserves the skin’s firmness through active collagen protection already during the tanning session
  • Multi-functional protection against sunburn, skin aging and photodamage such age spots
  • intensive moisture and instant protection
  • excellent skin-compatibility, prevents Mallorca acne even with hypersensitive skin or allergic persons


The innovative formula with UVA / UVB broadband filter, innovative infrared technology and radical protection effectively prevents light-related skin and cell damage. An anti-aging protector already protects the collagen fibers in the sun and protects the skin from loss of elasticity and wrinkling. The formula is extremely well tolerated even on hypersensitive skin prone to Mallorca acne and allergies. The effect: The skin is reliably protected from light-related aging and premature wrinkles.

How to Use:

To prevent discolouration, avoid direct contact of the solar skin shield with textiles.