Skin Care System and Cosmeceuticals

Spec Brite Group believes in that healthy skin is the source of long-lasting beauty. We carefully select the type of cosmeceutical lines we provide in the market that will create impact to business clients, proven and tested safe and marketable. REVIDERM skin care system has combined innovations of active agent research with results of modern dermatology since 1986 that originated in Germany. The finely composed, exclusive skin care beauty-range from REVIDERM has become the foundation of youth for demanding skin. REVIDERM’s philosophy is to stimulate the regeneration of the skin, as well as keeping it continuously active. Meder Beauty Science is a newly added cosmeceutical line in Spec Brite Group beginning 2019. It’s a high end Swiss line Professional Biotech Skincare created by Dr. Tiina Meder. The brand embodies both bold, no-nonsense strictly scientific vision and a firm belief in a natural pain-free beauty. 

Beauty & Aesthetic Equipment

Spec Brite Group provides a wide range of beauty and aesthetic machines originating from Germany, Korea and Italy; carefully selected to join the latest and best technologies from the most reputable manufacturers and guaranteeing safety on the basis of international standards and medical norms such as patent from the U.S., Canada, Europe and others like Japan and Korea. 

Most of our devices are proven to be safe and uses the innovative technologies of the following: 

  • Radio Frequency 
  • Microdermabrasion 
  • High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) 
  • LED Light Therapy 
  • Aqua Treatment and Facials
  • Micro needling 
  • Laser and Intense Pulsed Light
  • Stable Cavitation
  • Cryopolysis 
  • Vacuum 
  • Pressotherapy

Our portfolio captures what the market demand and what it needs. These helps our partner clients provide an outstanding service among end-users with achievable results. 

Healthcare & Fitness Equipment

Spec Brite Group believes in providing overall wellness solutions, thus, we have carefully selected healthcare, medical and fitness machines to help the facilities provide the accurate results and help improve the wellbeing of clients through these results. We are the sole distributor of InBody, Body Composition Analyzers in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar. We only provide according machine and devices which are approved and according to international standards and medical norms. 


Spec Brite Group focuses not only in distributing machines and products in the market, the company invest in intensive training to our business clients to ensure proper protocols are followed to provide the best result to their clients. We continually upgrade the level of our service through training by providing new protocols, checking our business clients’ progress and providing further refresh training if needed. 

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Spec Brite Group has been the leader in providing well-being solutions in aesthetic, medical, fitness and nutrition through our high-quality machines in the GCC and the Middle East. Not only we provide the top-notch machines, but we also take pride in our after-sales services and take care of our existing clients through our Maintenance Department handling the warranties, repairs, training, and PPM.

Our well-being solutions are your investment to achieve continued growth, and we believe in the importance of PPM to preserve your investment. 

  • maximize and extend the lifetime of your machines
  • minimize the boards and internal parts breakdown
  • lower your overall repair cost​

PPM Package includes

  • PPM visits (2 times a year) 
  • Electrical Safety Test according to HAAD, DHA & MOH Requirements
  • Authorities Standardization Compliance and Certification
  • Calibration using a special jig (for InBody machines only)

Our KEY GOAL is to PREVENT the failure of machines before it actually happens. 


Availing our PPM services will automatically put you as our gold client and enjoy these special benefits: 

  • 25% discount on spare parts 
  • Quick response and schedule visit within 24 to 48 working hours
  • Unlimited Maintenance Support
  • Refresh Training on machines