I LOVE the Reviderm products that I have used. I have been using the eye cream and the AC Peptide Night cream for about 6 months and the OPC Day cream for about 3 months. At almost 40, people are starting to notice that my skin is looking good! They think it is my make-up, however I haven’t changed my make-up- only my face cream. I love these products and would recommend them to anyone who wants to see an improvement in the texture of their skin. Thank you for introducing these products to me! 

Rebeka P

The In-Body analysis gives me a break down of how much fat I’ve lost and how much muscle I’ve gained. It’s pretty rewarding to see that muscle count go up! 

Weesha’s World

I would like to say how happy I am regarding the improvement in my skin, the tone and texture, after having a combination treatment of Cell Regeneration II (specific Reviderm treatment with hydrolage, freeze dried collagen and microdermabrasion) combined with a photo-rejuvenation anti-age treatment.    The results  have been spectacular and considering that I am almost 87 years of age, and my skin has had a wonderful “outdoor life”  –  I am impressed with the new softness and plumpness, and might I say, a lovely rosy glow.    Everyone should give it a go for new added vitality and vibrance.  I can’t wait for my next treatment which will include Thermage as well as the Cell Regeneration and Photo-rejuvenation.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mrs. Joyce K

If you’ve had a Smart Analysis InBody scan recently, please let us know your thoughts. We’d love to post them here on the website. Please include the date and place where you got the test and the name of the Smart Analyst if known. Thank you! 

Emma Smith, Head Analyst at Smart Analysis