Spec Brite Group


ACS Skineedler

Very Fine Needle Tip

The fine shaft and precise grinding of the needle tips is a decisive factor for penetration into the skin.

Steplessly Adjustable

The ACS SKINEEDLER can be adjusted to the desired needle setting with very high precision.

Permaconnect Drive

Due to the constant connection between needling module and motor, the total power of the motor drives the needles into the skin and pulls back afterwards.

Time-Saving Operation

The needles, placed in series, improve the penetration into the skin and allow to carry out the treatment very homogeneously.

Smoothly In Motion

The rubber protection on the needle effectively prevents sera and dirt from entering into the hand piece.

Functional Handpiece Holder

Quickly in view, easily and safely stored for reliable positioning of the handpiece during treatment pauses.

Full Performance 120 X
Per Seconds

At 120 x per second, 9 ultra-fine needles enter into the skin with full power thanks to PERMACONNECT DRIVE, for an ideal, uniform and homogeneous needling result.

High Performance Motor

The compact and powerful 5.2 watt motor provides sufficient power to allow the needle to penetrate easily into the surface at the desired depth.

Skineedler Control Unit

Set to the ideal frequency of 120 times per second, the control unit can be used flexibly and, thanks to the integrated rechargeable batteries, can be attached not only to the treatment trolley but also directly to the treatment bed or being used as mobile unit.

Direct Drive without Spring

A conventional spring mechanism does not have the entire force to fully pull the needle out of the skin, so the needle partly remains in the skin and can cause crack injuries! In the forward movement, the motor then works AGAINST the spring, so that the complete power is not available. ACS SKINEEDLER has no spring mechanism – therefore it always uses the total power.