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InBody BSM 170

Digital Free-Standing Stadiometer

Quick Assembly

  • No complicated procedure is required for assembling BSM170. Simply link each component from bottom to top with only a skew driver, then you are ready to measure the height.

Simple Operation

  • Head bar, large LCD with bright backlight and two simple buttons are all you need for height measurement. Simply step on the footplate after turning on the device to start the measurement and lock the value so that you don’t lose your data.

InBody BSM 170 Highlights

User-Friendly Measuring Part

Superior digital display equipped with 2.5inch LCD helps you to check the measurement data at a glance and turns off automatically after a certain time to save energy. All-in-one measuring part integrated with head bar and control panel guarantees you an easy interface to use.



By simply standing on our strong and durable footplate, it helps you to posture correctly and comfortably to receive quick and accurate results. With a strong aluminium rod, it can also hold up your weight against it to prevent it from falling during use.

Battery Operation

It operates on batteries without any tangled wires blocking its way, making it possible to move it around anywhere you want. The BSM170 is free from any cables, hence no spatial constraints and its Fancy-designed appearance perfectly fits your station as Digital Furniture.


Bluetooth Compatibility

Use the measured height value for your body composition measurement. Simply connect the BSM170 and InBody, the professional body composition analyzer, via Bluetooth without any cable attached.


Measurement Item


Height Range

35 ~ 210cm(1ft. 1.8in. ~ 6ft. 10.7in.)

Error Range

± 1mm

Minimum Measuring Range


Display Type

Customized LCD 55*31 mm with Backlight


Cm, ft-in

Height offset


Energy Saving

150 seconds after the last measurement

Data Auto-lock

Maximum 10 seconds