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Exbody 9100

Posture Analysis and ROM Tracking

The Exbody 9100 is a cutting-edge system designed to revolutionize the way you understand your body’s posture and range of motion (ROM). This state-of-the-art technology combines advanced sensors, intuitive software, and real-time analytics to provide you with unparalleled insights into your physical well-being.

See Exbody 9100 in action

Witness the Exbody 9100 in action, as it transforms posture analysis and range of motion tracking. Experience real-time guidance for better alignment and mobility. Your path to a healthier you begins with the Exbody 9100.

Exbody 9100 Highlights

Easy, Quick, and Detailed

Experience a complete body musculoskeletal assessment and receive your report in just 90 seconds.

There is no need to remove clothing or use separate sensors, which streamlines the process for patients and boosts efficiency for hospitals.

3D Biomechanical Simulation

Dive into the biomechanical assessment of factors contributing to musculoskeletal imbalances and misalignment. The 3D simulation evaluates symptoms and offers predictive insights into their severity.

The musculoskeletal 3D simulation creates an intelligent treatment environment aimed at boosting patient understanding and satisfaction.


Real-Time ROM Examination

Examine the extent of motion limitation due to musculoskeletal pain in real time. 

User-Friendly Reports

Deliver a user-friendly, three-dimensional report that ensures utmost patient satisfaction

Receive up to 20 comprehensive reports that break down results from different angles. We include comparison data and exercise videos to help patients grasp the information, enhancing satisfaction and confidence in treatment results.


Smart Features of Exbody 9100

Experience the Musculoskeletal Pain Digital Questionnaire

Efficiently evaluate and retain patients’ pain data using our integrated digital medical history system, offering valuable insights for accurate treatment strategies.

Certification for Manufacturing Medical Devices

Product Name: exbody Mobility Test Evaluation Device

Model: exbody PM

Medical Device Class: Class 2

Package Contents:

1 set (Control Desk, Cali board), includes PC and monitor

Required Installation Space: Minimum 1,500 x 3,000 mm