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Inbody 970 body composition analyser


InBody 970

The New Generation of Body Composition Analyzer

The InBody 970 pushes advanced BIA body composition forward by using patented technology to accurately categorize and analyze abdominal fat and total body water. It is equipped with state-of-the-art 3MHz technology and new ergonomic design to better suit diverse patients with different conditions and medical specialties than ever before. 

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Inbody cells frequency

InBody’s Accurate 3 MHz Measurement Technology

InBody 970 accurately measures extracellular water and total body water using low frequencies of 1 kHz to high frequencies of 3MHz. It takes into consideration the difference in the degree of passage of cell membranes according to frequency. 

Inbody 970 7 result sheets

6 Different Result Sheets for In-Depth Analysis

Provides 6 different result sheets with in-depth analysis to create a complete picture of your health. Results sheets on Evaluation, Research, Comparison, Body Composition (Adult and Children), and Body Water are available. 

Smart Connection with Fingerprint Recognition

The InBody 970 uses biometrics to make testing even easier and faster. Just step on the baseplate and place both thumbs on the fingerprint scanners to access your profile and begin your full body assessment.  


InBody 970 Highlights

Innovative Design

The InBody 970 delivers a new seamless look with the premise of detail. The concave head design protects the privacy of the subject during measurement while also enhancing user’s visibility. Stainless electrodes and enhanced footplate improve conductivity and allow weight measurements up to 300kg. 

Accurate 3MHz High-Frequency
Measurement Technology

A higher frequency is more difficult to control in the human body which possibly results in irregular impedance measurement. InBody 970 overcame this limitation and achieved the feat of controlling 3MHz frequency to penetrate human cell membranes more effectively and provide a clear picture of Intracellular Water in comparison to lower frequencies. It clearly differentiates between Intracellular and Extracellular Water which results in a more accurate measurement of Total Body Water. 


6 Different Result Sheets for In-depth Analysis

  • Body Composition Result Sheet  
  • Body Water Result Sheet 
  • InBody Result Sheet for Children 
  • Research Result Sheet 
  • Comparison Result Sheet 
  • Evaluation Result Sheet  

Age Specific Evaluation by InBody Big Data

InBody provides age-specific graphs for each body composition analysis parameter based on globally accumulated InBody Data. With this, a comprehensive analysis is provided so that you can compare your data to the data of the young age group (T-score) and the same age group (Z-score). InBody provides age-specific graphs for each body composition analysis parameter based on globally accumulated InBody Data. With this, a comprehensive analysis is provided so that you can compare your data to the data of the young age group (T-score) and the same age group (Z-score). 

Smart InBody Measurement

The ID recognition process can be performed quickly and with ease by using the InBody Band, Fingerprint, or Barcode scanner.

High Reproducibility Assured by 8-Point Tactile Electrodes

InBody placed a total of eight electrodes- one current and one voltage electrode on each handle and footplate. With this electrode design, it maintains the measurement starting point at all times. Even if the measurement postures are changed or multiple measurements are made, it is able to maintain high reproducibility. The Magnified footplate can handle up to 300kg and identify special body types to present a stable measurement throughout the test 



Fat Analyzer

Yscope gets its name from the way it’s shaped, and is the World’s First Portable BIA Abdominal Fat Analyzer that uses 50 and 250 kHz.

For In-depth Abdominal Analysis

Integrated with the world’s first portable BIA abdominal fat analyzer, Yscope has a correlation of more than 90% with CT, and the non-invasive method enables accurate and convenient measurement within 10 seconds. It provides specialized indicators for abdominal obesity research, including obesity, endocrine diseases, and metabolic diseases.

Radiation-Free and Safe for Regular Measurement

Yscope provides a comprehensive abdominal fat analysis, including visceral fat and subcutaneous fat measurements using the same BIA technology behind the professional InBody devices. It is a non-invasive, radiation-free solution for regularly monitoring and managing abdominal fat.  


Specialized Abdominal Fat Analysis

Besides fat analysis from InBody, Yscope provides in-depth analysis of abdominal fat for more accurate results. The visceral fat and subcutaneous fat measurements provided by the Yscope have shown high correlation to CT scan results.  

Easy and Quick Measurement

Yscope is a portable abdominal fat analyzer that can be integrated with the InBody970. In approximately 10 seconds, the Yscope provides a quick and easy solution for assessing essential abdominal parameters.