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  • 6 chambers (It has selectable sizes of L, XL, XXL sleeves and additionally extension zippers)
  • Selectable mode: Hand massage, Circulation, Combination, Foot care, Auto mode: Leg, Arm, Waist, Mat
  • As SP-3000 has pressure sensor, it compresses exactly according to the set pressure.


SP-3000 is designed to be easy to set up for any one from the user’s perspective. It automatically senses the size of each user; the kind of sleeve and provides optimum feeling to users. 6 chambers provides 6 pneumatic spots with more precise massaging.


  • Time: 10, 20, 30min
  • Pressure: 50~230mmHg
  • Manual mode: Hand massage, Circulation Mode, Reverse Mode, Intensive Care Mode, Full Mode
  • Auto Operation: It automatically detects each sleeve and works with the optimized protocol for the detected sleeve.
  • Skip function: It can be selected according to safety or intensive care and skipped on the part with ulcer, pain or damage.
  • Sleeve kinds: Leg sleeve (L, XL sizes), Arm sleeve, Waist sleeve, Stretching Mat 6
  • Sleeve chamber: 6chambers
  • Air sensor: Air sensor detects the set pressure to be working exactly on to the body.
  • Remote controller
  • Maintenance of pump, solenoid, pump use time