Spec Brite Group

Nourishing the Future Conference

Event Date: February 24, 2024 Venue: Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Dubai – UAE.

We are thrilled to announce that Spec Brite Group will be participating in the ‘Nourishing the Future’ Conference 2024, a landmark event in the field of medical nutrition. Gain invaluable perspectives from experts on obesity, diabetes, and the latest in bariatric care, addressing critical health issues. Network with global health professionals, staying abreast of evolving trends. Dive into hands-on learning with Dr. Enas Al Alawi, as she guides a workshop on practical dietary protocols for diverse bariatric procedures.

This is a closed event, and attendance is by invitation only. Spec Brite Group looks forward to engaging with industry leaders, sharing insights, and contributing to the future of medical nutrition.

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