Opera Spectrum Mask: Loved by celebrities and their aestheticians

The Opera Spectrum Mask is the newest skin care treatment device that is exclusively distributed by Spec Brite Group in the GCC and the Middle East Region.   The clinical benefits of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) treatment, often known as Low-level light therapy, have been known for decades. And has been widely used by celebrities and TV personalities such as Jessica Alba, Alex Gerrard, and Leanne Brown to name a few.   Opera Spectrum Mask…


Making Your Skin Young

Making your skin young is now possible through the latest aesthetic device exclusively distributed by the Spec Brite Group in the GCC and the Middle East Region.   From the skin experts of Korea, introducing the AquaClean Mini, a 3-in-1 system that combines three different technologies, including the aqua clean system using vacuum, electroporation and double lifting. This device provides all facial care including cleansing, solution penetration…


HydroMassage Like No Others

Want to get a relaxing hydro-massage without getting undressed and wet? It’s here now in the UAE. Spec Brite Group introduces in the GCC and Middle East market the HydroMassage Bed and Lounge models. HydroMassage has been widely used in the chiropractic practices, physical therapy, and medical offices. It’s an upgrade “massage treatment” to “fully interactive massage experience”. It gives the relaxing benefits…


How To Set a Body Composition Goal That's Right For You

    Fall is already here and the holidays are just around the corner! With an ever-growing list of things to wrap up as the year’s last quarter hurrah begins, it’s tempting to hold off on your body composition goals until the New Year. But why wait for January when you can start making small changes towards a better body composition and reducing your body fat percentage - the real marker of positive change in…


5 Reasons to Stop Weighing Yourself Everyday

    BY RYAN WALTERS   Losing weight is hard.  It involves spending time at the gym, stopping yourself from eating your favorite foods, and saying “no” to things that make you happy in general and “yes” to things that don’t.     If you’re like most people, you want to see results that justify your hard work.  And that result, more often than not, has to do with seeing that number…



Dating back to home Reviderm the new SKINCARE-INSPIRED series, a comprehensive care that protects the largest organ in each application that we have: the skin. The line promises a radiant appearance, a look that acts as styled by professional and also the best compatibility. Learn these new products Reviderm makeup know and love! A COMPREHENSIVE LINE FOR A PERFECT COMPLEXION An even complexion and a guard, well marked…


Reviderm’s Skintelligence to the Rescue

BY MAHITA AAD - BASHARA CARE We have a confession to make which we are sure many of you will agree with: we find beauty counters to be extremely complex and time consuming; almost stressful if we are completely honest.  So many brands, varying prices and the worst – sales girls that don’t have a clue but want their commission!  One of our missions at BasharaCare is to eliminate the confusion in buying and the necessity…


Why You Need to Know Your Body Fat Percentage

BY RYAN WALTERS Do you know what your body fat percentage is, right now? Do you know what a healthy body fat percentage is for your gender? Do you know why you should care? Your body fat percentage is a value that tells you how much of your body weight is made up of fat.  In terms of your overall health, your body fat percentage can be one of the most useful numbers available to you, even more so than your scale weight and much more…


Why Tracking Changes in Body Composition Leads To Results

BY RYAN WALTERS How do you track your progress? Do you keep a log of your maximum lifts and try to set personal records every day at the gym? Every time you go out to run, do you try to run further than the run before? Do you try to run longer? Do you weigh yourself every week, or every day? Or is your appearance in the mirror the final judge as to how much progress you’re making? People work out for many reasons, and so there are many ways…


Lean Body Mass and Muscle Mass – What's the Difference?

BY RYAN WALTERS Consider the following three statements: “I’m not trying to get huge; I just want to put on five pounds of lean muscle.” “I gained five pounds of lean body mass last month.” “My goal is to put on five pounds of muscle mass before next season.” In each one, someone wants to gain five pounds of something but is using three different terms.  Are these three ways…