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Fat Loss Workout Guide!

Do you need to lose weight or get a new workout routine? Grab a copy of this e-book – Fat loss workout guide brought to us by Elite Fitness Ladies. Lose body fat, change the shape of your body and get stronger! This can be achieved by a combination of full-body strength; interval training and individualized nutritional guidance.


What’s included?  – Warm-Up Guide – 6 Full Body Workouts – Interval Guide – Stretch Guide – Video Library – by clicking on each exercise in the guide, you will be taken to a YouTube video. 

This will allow you to know exactly how to execute each exercise!

Dropping the weight number is not enough if you are not building muscle. This e-book will help you build and maintain your muscle. Use the InBody Body Composition Analyzer to properly get insights of your body composition.  You can also track your workout by using this workout tracker.