Spec Brite Group

HydroMassage Like No Others

Want to get a relaxing hydro-massage without getting undressed and wet? It’s here now in the UAE.

Spec Brite Group introduces in the GCC and Middle East market the HydroMassage Bed and Lounge models. HydroMassage has been widely used in the chiropractic practices, physical therapy, and medical offices. It’s an upgrade “massage treatment” to “fully interactive massage experience”. It gives the relaxing benefits of a heated water massage without the hassles of getting wet and undressed plus a touchscreen control with multimedia entertainment menu that comes with it. Making the experience easy to control and more relaxing.

It comes in two types, the Lounge, and the Bed.

The HydroMassage Lounge provides users with maximum visibility and comfort. Best to use where space is a premium.

The HydroMassage Bed allows users to fully relax when lying down. This model is best when located in spa-like, semi-private area. For more information and inquiries, call 04 388 4549 / 02 627 5926  or email info@specbritegroup.com. Our sales team will be pleased to present you the product personally.